Sycamore Mug


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About artist, Ashley Klokenga and the Sycamore Mug

Ashley and her husband, Matt, met while attending NIU, once they graduated they got married and lived in Sycamore and DeKalb from 2005-2014. They currently serve as missionaries in northern Canada on behalf of Bethany Road Bible Church in DeKalb and New Covenant Bible Church in St. Charles. This spring they stayed in their missions house in St. Charles and got to spend some time in the Coroco Coffee location in St. Charles. There was clearly so much attention to detail and it all came together to make the space and customer experience top-notch.

Being an artist and designer herself, as she was in the area she couldn’t resist the urge to start drawing things that she misses from back in Northern Illinois. And as a result she has put together these drawings to create coffee mugs that share the stories of these beautiful towns. While she has  made a few other town mugs in northern Illinois, The Sycamore Mug & The St. Charles Mug have turned out to be truly special and hold significant sentimental value.

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