El Salvador Las Piedritas Farm-Light Roast 12oz.


Light Roast-Available at Sycamore Roastery 

Rose, Berry, Winey Fruit

Experience some of the greatest coffee El Salvador has to offer. El Salvador is renowned for its nutrient-rich volcanic soil that grows powerful flavored coffee beans of several varieties. The Las Piedritas Farm-Light Roast offers subtle notes of wine, berries, and roses that taste out of this world. 

If you’re a fan of fruity-flavored beverages then this is definitely the roast you’ll want to start the day with. Its distinct aroma and taste always seem to catch coffee lovers off guard as its toasted fragrance is something special!

Each coffee bean is treated with incredible care, attention to detail, and grown without chemical pesticides or additives after being harvested. You’ll find the rich light roast flavor to be the perfect morning starter or a great afternoon treat with a croissant.

Key Features

  • Grown in the rich volcanic soil of El Salvador that leaves the coffee beans incredibly flavorful 
  • Wonderful flavor profile of fruit, roses, and notes of red wine
  • Coffee beans are fermented and washed twice then dried on beds for 12-18 days
  • 100% naturally grown coffee with zero additives or chemicals 
  • Roast: Light Roast
  • Default is whole bean, please request ground coffee in notes

Enjoy a morning cup of our El Salvador Las Piedritas Farm-Light Roast and order yours today!