Q: Do you offer shipping?

A: We offer shipping in the continental United States on all coffees.

Q: Do you offer subscriptions?

A: Yes! Gift or personal subscriptions are available to order on our website.

Q: Do you offer ground coffee?

A: Yes. Please let us know if you’d like a specific grind (i.e. espresso, V60, Chemex, Turkish, French, cold brew, etc.)  

Q: The label says, “chocolate, almond, toffee.” Do you sell flavored coffee?

A: No. The label indicates tasting notes naturally occurring in the coffee itself, not an artificial flavoring. Our Cask’d coffee is infused with actual ingredients of bourbon, wine and rum.

Q: Do you roast all the brands featured at COROCO?

A: Yes! Each brand is uniquely tailored to showcase that particular coffee or origin with creative design.

Q: Does dark roast or light roast coffee contain more caffeine?

A: Lighter roasts tend to offer more caffeine.

Q: Do you sell “espresso” roast?

A: Espresso is a preparation method rather than a specific roast designation; however, many take “espresso roast” to mean very dark roasted coffee. We offer blends and single origin coffees that lend themselves to making excellent espresso, namely: Interlude Espressivo, COROCO Reserve Sumatra, and COROCO Reserve Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. 

Q: Do you offer dairy alternatives in the cafe?

A: Non-dairy milks offered are soy and oat. We do not steam almond or nut milks due to allergy x-contamination.

Q: Which flavorings contain dairy?

A: We use Monin brand syrups and sauces, Big Train Chai, and pure ceremonial grade matcha. Chai mix and Monin White Mocha and Salted Caramel sauces contain dairy. 

Q: Do you offer gluten free options?

A: For snacks, we offer certified gluten-free marshmallow bars and brownies. All drinks are gluten-free. For specific allergy concerns, please confirm with baristas when ordering. 

Q: How many calories are in your drinks?

A: Our drinks contain 8oz of milk (136cal), skim milk (87cal), oat milk (120cal) or soy milk (118cal). 1 pump of a syrup is approx .5oz and 45 calories each. Our seasonal special lattes contain 2-3 pumps of syrups. 

Q: Do you offer sugar-free options?

A: We offer sugar-free vanilla & sugar free caramel syrups. 

Q: Do you offer tea?

A: We offer a variety of hot and iced teas. Hot tea is brewed to order. 

Q: Do you offer kid-friendly drinks?

A: Most any regular coffee drink can be made decaf or entirely without espresso as a steamer Please see “Kids and Kids at Heart.” We also offer lemonades in a variety of flavors. 

Q: Do you offer frozen drinks?

A: We do not make blender drinks. Iced lattes contain the same basic components, however.

Q: Do you have discounts on brewing equipment?

A: We have minimums we must uphold for all manufacturers and discounts do not apply. We do frequently offer “perks” to go along with high end grinders and brewers. 

Q: Do you sell K-Cups?

A: Yes! We offer some of our most popular blends in single use iFill cups. 

Q: Do you offer decaf?

A: We offer Swiss Water Process decaf beans as well as cafe drinks.