Moccamaster KDT

Color: Polished Silver

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The CDT Grand’s 60-ounce capacity makes it perfect for small offices, cafés, and home entertaining. We use a flat-bottom brew basket to achieve this volume, and we recommend always brewing the full amount to achieve the best results. Our double-walled, stainless steel thermal carafe will keep coffee hot for up to an hour – or even longer with the included Travel Lid.

Finish: Brushed Silver

Weight: 7.55 lbs

Dimensions: 17.75" H x 12.50" W x 6.75" D

Volts: 120 V

Watts: 1600 W

Volume: 1.8 L / 60 oz / 15 cups

Power Switch: The copper heating element shuts off when the water reservoir is empty; the power light will remain on

Brew Basket Style: Manual-close drip-stop

Body Style: Cylindrical

Material: Metal / BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate-free plastic

Warranty: 5 years

Certifications: ECBC certified and SCA approved to meet and exceed the golden cup standard

All Moccamaster coffee brewers are handmade at the Technivorm factory in the Netherlands.


What makes good coffee so good? It comes down to the coffee solubles extracted into your water. The coffee industry has defined scientific benchmarks for perfectly brewed coffee, called the Four T's.


A consistent brewing temperature between 196°F - 205°F is essential for the extraction of coffee solubles.


A saturation time of 4-6 minutes releases the full flavor of the coffee without over- or under-extracting it.


Agitation of the coffee grounds generated as the water flows through the grounds creates even saturation.


This is the ratio of coffee solubles to water that the brewer extracts. The ECBC defines ideal TDS yield as between 18% - 22%, and the SCA refers to this as “the Golden Cup.” Moccamaster coffee brewers hit this mark every brew cycle.