Largo Blend-City Roast 12oz.


City Roast

Chocolate. Red Currant.

If you’re a city girl or boy looking for a newly roasted batch of coffee to try then you won’t be disappointed with our Largo Blend-City Roast. From the first sip to the last, this blend is pure bliss.

The roasters in charge of this delightful blend make sure each batch comes out as toasty, flavorful, and aromatic as the last. Incredible care, love, and attention to detail go into growing each coffee plant to ensure quality is at a premium.

You’ll be encouraged to head out the door ready to take on the city all by yourself with every cup of Largo Blend City Roast you have!

Key Features

  • Allegro blend coffee with distinctly toasted chocolate and red currant
  • Medium roast coffee that’s perfect for starting a productive day 
  • Classic caramel city flavored coffee with toasted notes of chocolate 
  • 100% naturally grown coffee with zero additives or chemicals 
  • Roast: Medium Roast

Enjoy your morning coffee routine with our Largo Blend-City Roast 12oz and order yours today!