Espressivo Blend-Dark Roast


Dark Roast

Chocolate. Almond. Honey. Berries.

5# Available for pre-order

Chocolatey notes with honey, almond, and berries make the Expressivo Blend a pure delight! This dark roast blend is one that will have you singing in the morning all the way to work or school. Nothing gets you out of bed quicker than the decadent scent of our Espressivo brewing in the kitchen. 

It has a distinctly toasted sweetened flavor that comes from the incredible growing, washing, and roasting process each coffee bean undergoes. You can taste the passion our team puts into each batch of coffee we produce. 

From the very moment the coffee beans start growing, there is a considerable amount of attention given to our coffee because the only thing that matters here is quality and you enjoying it!

Key Features

  • Espressivo blend coffee with distinctly toasted chocolate, honey, almond, and berries
  • Dark roast coffee that will get you up and on your feet quickly 
  • Each coffee bean is washed and roasted to perfection so the flavor is stronger 
  • 100% naturally grown coffee with zero additives or chemicals 
  • Roast: Dark Roast

Enjoy your morning coffee routine with our Espressivo Blend-Dark Roast 12oz and order yours today!