COROCO Reserve Sumatra-Dark Roast 12oz



Dark Roast. Single Origin.

Notes: Brown Sugar, Pomegranate, Dried Plum, Pipe Tobacco

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Medium

Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee Beans

Sumatra green coffee beans are some of the most distinctive and unique coffees. Grown in the Aceh highlands of the Sunda Islands, of which Sumatra is the second largest, unroasted coffees from Sumatra are often described as low-toned, highly aromatic, and packed with flavor.

Wet-Hulled Coffee Process (Giling Basah)

Most green coffee in Sumatra is processed using the wet-hulled process (also known as Giling Basah). The process contributes to the unique character of Sumatra Mandheling green coffee. The wet-hulled process shares some similarities with washed processing but also takes into account Indonesia's humid climate. De-pulped coffee beans are first dried to 30-40% moisture (usually 11-12% in the washed processing) and then hulled to remove the parchment layer. The resulting raw green coffee beans can be more susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Sumatra coffee flavor notes that arise from the wet-hulled process usually include earthy and spicy tones that express rich, rustic, and sweet characteristics in the cup.