“I’ll Have the Usual"-Dark Roast 12oz.


Dark Roast

Nothing beats a classic cup of American coffee in the morning. Especially when it’s brewed and served with a scrumptious breakfast and the family together around the dining table. 

Our “I'll Have The Usual” Coffee Blend brings that warming, diner, family-friendly cup of coffee right to your kitchen. Now you’re the barista in charge that determines how much coffee you want for the day!

The first sip will have you reminiscing of times with close friends and family at your favorite diner. Ordering “the usual” where the waitress knows you on a first-name basis is the experience this delightful blend promises to deliver.

You’ll want to keep a bag or three stocked up in your kitchen cabinets because this blend always seems to go quicker than expected. Don’t get mad if you’re significant other makes a secret batch behind your back, you’ve been forewarned!

Key Features

  • Classic American Diner roast coffee best enjoyed with a great morning breakfast 
  • Strong dark roasted coffee that gets you ready for a productive morning 
  • Makes a great gift to your grandparents who’ve visited a diner or two in their heyday 
  • 100% naturally grown coffee with zero additives or chemicals 
  • Roast: Dark Roast

Enjoy a morning cup of our “I’ll Have The Usual”-Dark Roast 12 oz and order yours today!