COROCO Locals Only-Colombian Blend-Medium Roast


Medium Roast Colombian Blend

Want to create mouth-watering Colombian coffee in the comfort of your own home?

Colombia is known for producing world-class coffee beans. Blessed with an excellent climate, perfect soil, and a healthy amount of rainfall, the country has the ideal environment for growing premium quality coffee. If you haven't tried Colombian coffee before, you are definitely missing out.

This signature blend features coffee beans that are sourced from Colombia, Honduras, and Brazil. With each sip, you get a clean coffee taste with a subtle caramel sweetness and a delicate nutty undertone–exactly how the locals like it. Enjoy a warming cup to jumpstart your day or cap off the night.

Discover the world-class taste and aroma of local Colombian coffee with the Coroco Locals Only Colombian Blend:

- Uses fresh coffee beans from Colombia, Honduras, and Brazil

- Hand-crafted by a talented team of roasters

- Available in ground and whole bean variants

- Monthly coffee subscriptions available

- From a women-owned coffee roastery

Discover the flavorful coffee blend that the locals enjoy. Try the Coroco Locals Only Colombian Blend today!