Vintner's Reserve Red Wine Infused 32oz.


Medium Roast

Red Wine Infused

You can’t enjoy wine and coffee in the same cup - or can you?

They say a good day starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a glass of wine. These two drinks have their own special way of tickling your taste buds and elevating your mood. Coffee gives you that much-needed morning buzz, while wine takes you into a relaxed and serene state.

This gourmet blend marries the exceptional flavor profiles of freshly roasted coffee beans and ripe red wine from local winemakers. Make your mouth water with the fruity flavors of red currant and spice, plus the enchanting taste and texture of creamy coffee. Jumpstart your mornings or indulge in a luxurious nightcap with a cup of our wine-infused coffee.

Fall in love with the fruity and creamy flavors of the Cask'd Vintner's Reserve Red Wine Infused Curated Coffee:

- Creamy coffee paired with full-bodied, ripe red wine vetted by local vintners

- Subtle, delightful notes of red currant and spice

- Available in ground, whole bean, caffeinated, or decaffeinated variants

- Monthly coffee subscriptions available

- From a women-owned coffee roastery

 -Swiss Water Process ® Decaf also available.

Satisfy your longing for smooth coffee and soothing wine. Try the Cask'd Vintner's Reserve Red Wine Infused Curated Coffee today!