COROCO Reserve Sumatra-Dark Roast 12oz


Dark Roast. Single Origin.

Tasting Notes: Sweet tobacco, herbal, prune, heavy body.

Gayo is a Fair-Trade Certified Organic grade 1 coffee from the Aceh region of northern Sumatra. 


 This coffee is wet-hulled, a process almost unique to Indonesian coffees. Known locally as Giling Basah, wet hulling involves removing the coffee's husk (parchment) while the moisture content is still relatively high, and then drying the green beans until optimum moisture content is reached.

 First ripe cherries are carefully sorted and floated to select the highest quality for processing. The coffee is then pulped and fermented in water for around 12 hours to break down the remaining sugary mucilage. The coffee is dried in parchment (husk) in the sun for 3-6 hours. At this point, while moisture is still high, the coffee is hulled (husk is removed) and the beans are dried further in the sun for 3-4 days - depending on the ambient conditions at the time - until the optimum moisture content of 12.5% is reached.


 Central Aceh is a well known coffee-growing region and its coffee is often known locally as Gayo, named after the eponymous ethnic group from Central Aceh. Rather than "central Aceh" the locals prefer to refer to their region as Gayo Highland. The coffee history in Gayo is very long and deep-rooted in the communities. It started in 1908 with only 100 Ha by Dutch colonists. The Gayo highland now contributes to 40% of the total coffee production in Indonesia. Gayo Coffee seeds originally came from Java Preanger, a Dutch coffee plantation in West Java.

Please note: COROCO is not a fully organic facility. The information provided pertains to the green coffee certifications at origin.