COROCO Sumatra Blend-Dark Roast 12oz


Dark Roast Sumatra Blend

COROCO Neighborhood Gem

Longing for authentic Sumatran coffee to power up your mornings?

Some of the world's best coffee beans are grown in Sumatra. Sumatran coffee shows off a heavy, full-bodied taste with subdued acidity finished off by wonderful earthy undertones. If you are in need of a rich, satisfying cup of coffee to get your day going, our Sumatra coffee blend is an excellent choice.

Our gourmet blend uses fresh coffee beans that are sourced from Sumatra, Colombia, and Brazil. From the very first sip, you get a mildly sweet coffee taste with a hint of butterscotch and spice. This signature blend is all about letting you slide smoothly into a busy day.

Start the day right with the Coroco Neighborhood Gem Sumatra Blend:

- Fresh coffee beans sourced from Sumatra, Colombia, and Brazil

- Dark roast

- Available in whole bean and ground variants

- Monthly coffee subscriptions available

- From a women-owned coffee roastery

Immerse yourself in the luxurious taste and aroma of genuine Sumatran coffee. Try the Coroco Neighborhood Gem Sumatra Blend today!