COROCO Curated Collection-Infused


Bourbon for brunch? Why not?!

Our trio of infused coffees offers a variety of choices. Created by an artisanal process, Cask’d™ Hand-crafted Bourbon offers notes of caramel, dark fruit and spice. The beans instilled with unique flavors stand alone or as part of an after dinner drink. Cask’d™ Vintner's Reserve Red Wine pairs a creamy coffee with a full-bodied red wine. This infusion creates a coffee that brings the smooth flavor of the bean together with notes of red currant and spice. Finally, Cask’d™ Artisanal Rum . Our beans are imbued with the rich, full flavor of rum. The result is a coffee with flavor notes of toffee, caramel and molasses. This trio offers an alcohol free choice for brunches, dinners, nightcaps and so much more.