Air Roasted Coffee just tastes better. At least that is our opinion and that of the fans of Propeller™ Coffee Our customers call it clean and balanced. We call it beautiful. Older style drum roasters that most coffees are roasted on use metal drums to heat the coffee. Kind of like a cast iron skillet of your stove. These style roasters have been around for over 100 years and are part of the reason you may have had to, “learn to like,” coffee at first. Our roaster at Propeller Coffee propels the coffee inside the drum and roasts the beans on a cushion of air...evenly and gently. Good coffee can be made either way, but we think once you try our air roasted coffee you’ll taste the difference in the first cup, no, “learning curve,” necessary. 
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  • Dauntless-Dark Roast 12oz.
    Dauntless-Dark Roast 12oz.
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